Cambridge Nesting Bookcase



Camlen’s Cambridge Nesting bookcase is comprised of three pieces that can handle a large TV in the centre or be packed with books or items for display.   The centre bookcase has a fixed shelf at 30”, partially for structure which can also be used for a television, but there are no wire holes out the back.  They can be drilled out of the solid wood back.  The rest of the shelves are adjustable.

The Cambridge Centre Bookcase is 43” w x 15” d x 82” h.  Each of the side bookcases have all adjustable shelves.  They are 24” w (body) x 12” d (body) x 71” h.

The pieces come with pre-drilled holes and hardware to attach the pieces together for a tight fit.
If you would like to personalize the finish more to your needs, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Overall dimensions: 96” w x 17” d x 82” h;

Adjustable shelves except in center;  1 fixed shelf at 30”



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